Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Garage Door Hardware

These were faux handles attached to the front of a faux garage door. The customer enclosed his garage but wanted the door to look like functional barn doors. I added the handles and hinges.

Faux hinge plates. Painted black, hammered edge.

Redfish Tail

This was one of many images sent me for this custom buckle. This request was a challenge. I went back and forth with the customer trying to get the details right.

The finished product. Made from 3/8ths flat bar. Forged fish tail and stamped scales. Hole drilled for the black dot and the hole filled with a round bar. Rust patina finish. Clear lacquer.

Fish hooks

Cut by hand with an acetylene torch. This fish silhouette was a birthday gift. Great for hanging keys or whatever. I can easily cut any other fish design as well.

J&K Logo

This is a logo for a photography company. Hand cut letters. Painted white and black.

Horseshoe Wall Hook

A fun project for me. I haven't done much cowboy stuff. I was provided the shoes from a friend who had saved them from her families personal horses. So they had sentimental value as well. Rust patina, wax finish.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Factory Downtown

I was contacted by a New York City fashion designer to make 16 buckles of their logo: Factory Downtown. http://factorydowntown.com/

The original idea was to make it just like the logo. I had these plasma cut then added the ring and hook. Painted it black and hand painted the "Downtown" .

Ultimately we decided on a natural look with the "Downtown" painted green. The customer felt that it would be seen easier if it was natural as opposed to black. I finished all sixteen, hand painted each one, and gave him the sample.

Harley Davidson

This picture was sent to me to see if I could offer some sort of duplicate.
I told the customer I could, but it would vary a bit from this one.

I etched the flames, stamped the letters, and hand made the skull. He loved it.

Irish G.I. Joes

I do many buckles with custom stamping. This one was very unique. It was painted with the colors from the Irish flag, and was stamped on an oval. I liked it very much.

Brutal Legend

This was by far the most interesting buckle I have made to date. It is the monster from the Brutal Legend video game. I was given a Youtube link so I could see the monster in action:

I then sketched my own version on paper to work from. The finished piece was clear lacquered for shine. This buckle is very heavy and as you can see, very "in your face". I hope the wearer doesn't scrape the side of a vehicle, or another person!