Friday, May 28, 2010

Custom Name

Nothing special. Another custom name for a friend. Weld build-up, then sanded flat. Finished natural with clear-coat.

H buckle

I was asked to make two of these for a seller in Thialand. They were designed a specific belt, to be sold with the belt.

This is the belt it was used on. Very unique.

Football Buckle

A family friend's son plays high school football. This was his birthday gift. The finish is rust patina, hand rubbed wax and clear coat.

Plain & Simple

The title says it all "Plain & Simple". 3x3 square. Sometimes its nice to make the simple ones.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sol Azul

I posted this buckle a while back, so here it is again with the update. This was a custom piece through Etsy for a designer of clothing.

Here is a shot of the coat from the back. The buckle was to match this spiral design and was used on the belt for this coat.

A special thanks to Sol Azul for letting me make this buckle for this coat.

Another Railroad Spike Knife

Another spike knife. Hand forged and quenched for hardness. I left the hammer marks in the knife. I think they add uniqueness and character.

This particular knife was made for my brother. I used steel letter stamps for the initials.

Monday, May 17, 2010

MSN/Daily Green Article

I know its a bit late for the "coolness" of this, but my 3 Wrench Hooks were in an article on the website, which was then picked up by MSN and was on their home page!!

Here is the link to the article, look at all the crafts, mine is the very last in the slideshow.